How to plant in aeroponics

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Have a question. I’ve started 4 of my last order of seeds. I’m doing a aeroponic grow. Homemade. I have the seeds started under a 300 watt led. Using rockwool cane up real nice a getting some long thin roots. Then my leaves started to turn yellow. So I raised my light 7-8 inches thinking ligh is to close. My question is when starting a plant in aeroponics how much water is to much seeing how there is always a fine mist blowing on the net cups and roots? What is the starting for seeds using aeroponics? I’ve looked it up on you tube only to find soil for seedlings.

How close is the light, how old is it, are you feeding nutrients, if so what kind and strength are you giving

Podle mne by si měl lepší předělat na bubbleponics:ok_hand:doporučuji, taky jsem si to sám vyrobil, jednoduché a efektivnější o hodně víc takže jestli to ještě potřebuješ pomůžu jen ještě vyfotit tvůj airo

“In my opinion, it would be better to rebuild the bubbleponics :ok_hand: I recommend, I also made it myself, simpler and more efficient, so if you still need to help me just take a picture of your aero”

jen zdravé kytky :smirk:

“only healthy flowers”

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