How to paint the outside of a black growtent changing to match my room colour

how can i paint the outside of a black growtent to match my room colour
the tent is black canvas material with silver mylar interior

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Dye not paint, maybe buy one in a color that matches your room better.

A paint will flake causing issues with its purpose

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Dye ?
never dye anything before any tips?
sorry this is a bit off growing and equipment but a black tent in a cream coloured room will get people wanting to know what’s inside it


A tent in any room is going to raise questions :joy:


Think you can camouflage it by painting it cream?

I don’t think painting your tent will settle anyone’s curiosity.


Do you have a basement or closet big enough to hide your tent in instead? @tiggybengal

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Nobody will be fooled by anything that you do with a grow tent in the middle of a room.

That said, you might consider getting some cheap fabric in the color/pattern of your choice and wrapping the tent in that. Think used drapes or some such at a thrift store.

The ducting for cooling and air exchange will be difficult to hide and explain. LOL

@tiggybengal I forgot to welcome you to our community of growers. You will get all of the help you need right here.

A few months ago I had to have our furnace/AC system replaced. The crew were working about four feet from my main room which was effectively disguised and about one month into flower. The two tents were set up (they walked past them for two days) but I had nothing in them at the time so left them open for all to see. Nobody asked and I certainly did not bring anything up.

I am certain that they know exactly what the tents were for despite being empty.

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I tell people what it is, then follow with my wife grows some kind of cooking herbs and spices in there. I dont know, I am not allowed to mess with it. And 1 out of 10 people will say, “ya,ya, you are growing some purple kush in there. I always reply with” I wish".

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People are starting to wonder why I never let them see my “workshop” in the basement that I have been working on for 2 plus years lol


I just let them in, I don’t try to hide it. Part of our culture…2nd generation grower. Shit my grand mom even smoked


I live in a legal state but there is still a lot of stigma around it. When it becomes legal on the federal level I’m looking forward to being open about my hobby but at this point I can still lose my employment if tested and I’d rather not give anyone a reason to want to test me.

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