How to order grow tent discreetly to an island

@Patamatabum You could buy the tent and put it up. Leave it completely empty. Maybe hang some clothes in it for a while until people stop asking about it, then it becomes a new normal. Point your new wardrobe out and invite them to have a look. Insist that they explore it. Show them every mundane thing, the holes for fresh air, the quality of the zips, anything you can think of. Do it every single time they come near, you want to irritate the living daylights out of them so they will be terrified to mention the damn thing. They will develop an aversion to your new wardrobe. After a while they won’t see it anymore and stop asking about it. Once you’re happy that all curiosity and interest in it has passed stick a plant in there with an extension lead. That way you’re hiding in plain sight. You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve got away with in the past by just brassing it.


They sell darkroom tents for wet photography. There are also photo-tents designed for product/model photography.

A tent inside a locked closet is the best bet in your situation. That, or a locked wardrobe. Or a discrete crawl space.


It certainly will not look like a wardrobe closet as you will have an inline fan blowing out air of the tent, and cords coming out of it, etc. What type of budget are you able to work with. Lets talk about needs: light and timer, fan, inline fan with carbon filter, humidifier, dehumidifier if you live in an area that humidity issues might be an issue, pots soil and nutrients, seeds, assorted hardware (ratchet straps for raising and lowering lights, cable ties, etc). As @Myfriendis410 stated you could make your own for cheap and that will work just fine, but if you are concerned with your mother in law and mother suspecting anything, I am not sure they won’t suspect something is fishy with a large square tent? Do you have a deck that gets good sunlight that you could plant some on and maybe even mix in a few tomatoes to mask the cannabis some?


This comment made me laugh @Davyg

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It can be switched off during visits. Just need to get them used to it then they become blind to it


It’s amazing what you get away with :scream::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hey there, amazing people!

Thank you so much for all your answers and ideias, you guys are the best!

Situation update:
After a lot of search, I finally found a store here that sells grow tents! So that problem is gone!
Next step, is to convince a big friend of mine to put the tent in his house since i don’t have a decent space in mine and no way to ventilate it. We’ve already talked about it the other day and he seems ok with the ideia of a partnership, because he also smokes and we smoke together. I trust him with my life on keeping this our secret.

My next big doubt is about the light i want to use. I’ve talked to a friend of mine that has grown before and he told me to forget the LED lights, as “they suck and i will never have a decent harvest with them”. He told me to go with a HPS light.

The tent I’m planning to get is a 80cm x 80cm x 1,60cm (sorry but i use the metric system… i think in feet that means around 3x3x5).
I’ve done some research and found out that where i live, a 600w HPS can mean around 110% increase in theelectrical bill, wich is massive!
For that size, and planning on putting there around 4 plants, can you advice me an HPS that will get a good harverst without being too much for that space? Like a 250w could do it?

Thanks in advance!

Bullshit about LED sucking. With that said if you buy a cheap one then you will get mediocre results, if you invest in a good one you can, and do get amazing results.

I have a and the thing is amazing.

Huge indoor grow facilities use lots of LED lighting. Also another big thing to factor in a tent grow, especially a smaller tent, will get hotter than a Mother Plucker!! That means you have to have a great exhaust system running at a good clip to keep your temp down. If you can’t manage the tent heat you’ll need an AC to cool it down, further adding to your overall electric bill cost, which you had stated earlier that electric is very expensive where you live.

Not to sound like a jerk, but your friend hasn’t a clue. Inline Fan, HPS, AC, and a humidifier that will be running nonstop because those lights will make it dry as the Sahara in there equals bigger electric bills. Also I feel just fine when I am gone for a day or 2 with my LED lights…HPS can be a fire hazard. These are all my opinions, and to end I will say that I do like HPS and I know they create great yields, but LED technology is advancing rapidly. Also, I wasn’t saying your friend is stupid by any means, but that statement he made was not factual. Bottom line, you want to keep your overhead low, but one thing to spend money on is a light. Hope this helps and again sorry if I sound like an ass

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Yes, if you spend $40 on an amazon light, you’ll get $40 results.
I would look into horticulture lighting group sells great lights that many have on this forum.

I have a rapid LED kit, (for a 4x4) and I don’t flower above 400W. My exhaust fan on high runs at 43w, my fan circulating air is about 20w.
463W total isn’t bad for LED, and some efficient fixtures.


It’s arguable that LED beats HID in every metric except cost of entry. In your situation, being on an island with high electric costs, you definitely want to go with an LED. You also want to be really honest about how much canopy you really need. If things go okay, you should expect to harvest 28 grams of dried flower per square foot. Cycle periods will vary with cultivar and your decisions, but you could initially harvest 28g/sqft /4 months. You can improve yields with experience, and you can cut down the cycle period length by cloning from mother plants (should also help improve yield/sqft).

If you determine how much cannabis you need per day/week/month, we can steer you towards a light that will suit your needs.


LED lighting will be your biggest investment, but with the efficiency, they’ll eventually pay for themselves. Not to mention the yield. And LED provides an environment that’s easier to manage than HPS. I’m not knocking HPS, they’re just much hotter and use MUCH more electricity

Do your research on lights on this website.

I initially did research on LED lighting on another website just to be lied to and tricked into buying a light what wouldn’t work for growing cannabis.

Trust the info you get in this forum.


Thank you for your replies.

My first thought was to get a LED system, because of the much lower energy comsumption. The problem is, they are way too expensive to the budget i have! :frowning:

100$ would already be stretching my budget to the max to spend in lights. I know i can’t ask for too much and not having money to invest… but the truth is that i don’t have that money, i live with some dificulties and it’s very hard to even make it to the end of the month with all my bills paid, so saving up for the LED would take me months or more… and as a newbie who doesn’t know if this is going to work or how long i will be able to do it, it’s hard to invest so much for a begginer experience.

You guys are probably thinking “this MF, wants to grow his stuff but doesn’t have money to afford anything… just drop the ideia”. And i can understand if you think that! But i’m so tired of not having anything to smoke, seeing my depression get worse as the pills don’t do sh!t and the only way i used to feel slightly happy was when i smoked my blunt at home and relaxed listening to some music and not worrying about my life for an hour or so :frowning:

It can be done. You might have to build something though.

@dbrn32 can something be pieced together to veg and flower a small area for $100?

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That sucks. And I know it’s basically impossible to save money when you’re check to check.

In that case, perhaps it’s worth reconsidering a guerrilla grow(s).

If you can save up for an HLG 65 V2 (Ideally a 3k but 4k is acceptable), it will light a very small grow box. That’s still $100 in the states, and I can’t imagine it’s cheaper for you.

Yummy!! What strain is that!!??

Sorry to hear all of this. May I ask what would be your budget total, and maybe we all could help you shop around. Do some research and see what you come up with, here is my opinion on a basic equipment list:

  2. Inline Fan (mine is DC, and only uses 39 watts at maximum setting)
  3. Small 7watt 8 to 10 inch Clip on fan
  4. Low wattage humidifier
  5. Tent (but, if you do it at your buddies house maybe save the expense and use a closet, and maybe that money that you would have spent on a tent could be added to the $100 budget for light)

Question…Does Amazon Deliver to where you live?

ILGM Fire OG @IslandGrown76

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Sounds like a 32"x32"? 7 square feet is tough with $100 or less. Even a build for 2x2 would cost $100+. I’m not really familiar with sourcing the parts outside of US or Canada either.

Maybe something decent on aliexpress?

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Hey guys,
Thanks for the advices.

The tent is indeed a 32"x32"x63". It’s this one:

Would a 150HPS grow something like 2 decent plants (probably Autos) in there?

The “TS 600 90w 2x2 quantum board led plant light - Mars Hydro” is not woth the try for the full cycle, right?

@dbrn32 i’ve searched around AliExpress but because i don’t know wigh light strenght i need for that size, it gets so confusing for me.

@IslandGrown76 yes it does, but no every product.

Also, my friend doesn’t wanna go forward with it so i’m on my own, the eletrical bill is all on me.

You want a ppf around 500 umols/s.