How to obtain strong aroma during curing process?


I am obtaining great yields and sticky buds at harvesting. Great aroma before drying…I am drying in dark grow tent at +/- 70-75 degrees with approximately 50% humidity in a drying rack for 7 days then putting in jar. I seem to be losing all the great aroma by the time I jar. Am I drying too long?


I’ve found that good aroma is about a really good flush and jar time. My WW didn’t start stinking the place up until three weeks in the jar.


I hang mine for three or four days then cut my buds and put them in the Quaker Oaks can.
There made of cardboard which Is perfect for moister control.
I do loose the aroma but when you break open the bud…oh my god the smell but knocks you out !



Once it’s dry it needs to be in an air-tight container such as a mason jar. Burp them twice daily at first. That’s when you’ll notice the aroma and potency increasing.


Thought I might add,when the jars are opened to burp, leave them open and in a dark place for 10-20 minutes to ensure all moisture is burped from the jar


Ive noticed this too! My plants smell amazing! Then I cut them and hang them and they don’t smell anymore? Then I jar them and they smell incredible, but different from their original growing smell. It’s pretty interesting


Use 62% Boveda Packs for a perfect cure - they are very cheap - don’t know if they offer them here (site)


I used the Boveda Packs last year for the first time and was impressed also