How To-Mother Plants

Hey Guys, I would like to find out everything I can about Mother plants. What exactly is a Mother plant? Where do you take cuttings? How big is it before you start taking them? How long can you continue to take cuttings? How do you maintain it? And anything else you can add. Thanks! Growing these plants is giving me the most satisfaction I’ve had in years. It’s a lot more work than I thought. But I love it!

Use photo period plants not autos

T8 bulbs are a cheap way to keep them alive, and in veg

You can clone from mother at anytime you have enough growth

Your mothers will stay alive as long as you can keep them there


Thank you. I understand this!


Love it! Mothering is very rewarding, keep em 3 gallons under low light , low feeds and crank them when you need clones, check out a growe called hellraiser, this threads run through mothering and a great read


He explains step by step with pics. Helped me a ton.