How to mix Bergmans plant food Fertilizer Into my medium

Okay Community as my first post
I have a question
about the Bergmans plant food Grow time fertilizer Bergmans plant food complete seeding fertilizer along with the rest of the fertilizers that come in order When you order it From the site
my question
can I mix all Four packages into the soil My medium.
If my pH balance for my medium is Balance@ 5.5 6.5. And if so how much of the pack do I use for a 5 gallon Fabric pot to mix in.

most plant foods you add to your water when watering. I have never used the Bergmans, but would guess you dont do it in the soil…

I just found this on the website…

  • Dissolve the indicated grams of nutrient powder in 1 liter (0,26 gallons) of room temperature tap water (20ºC / 68ºF)
  • Stir well and adjust to the optimum pH value if needed
  • Use in combination with the other Bergman’s Plant Food fertilizers for optimal results

Scroll all the way down on the above page for the charts on how to mix…