How To Maximize Terpene Production

Anyone have tips and tricks to get maximum terpene production from your grow?

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A product you might want to research is Terpinator or their newer product, Purpinator which does the same terpene enhancements but is suppose to enhance purple in genetically prone plants.


Perhaps increasing terpene percentages is less critical than preserving what you have. Drying and curing is often an afterthought.


Different ways …

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I’m not sure we are even at the point where we quantify terpenes? They seem to have various functions in nature.
The same terpene can smell diffrent depending on factors unknown.

I have heard many theories with no real scientific background…
What has been proven, is that the environment is detrimental to the overall terpene profile, same plant in earth will smell different than the one in hydro.
They don’t know how or why…