How to manage thin and bending stems

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I planted your LSD and Girl Scout Extreme. The extreme is very thin 1 week old and bends easy. I have read your grow bible and plant care. It says to bend it back and forth to help the Stem grow thicker. I know you wrote this but should i do this? If not what are the steps to take? If yes how best to do this?

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Is best to have a small fan to move the air around them. This also helps seedling, hardening the stem…

Hope this helps.
Also a picture will help us to see how them look.


Posting a picture would help also how far away is your light fixture and what type of light are you using
If your sprout streach to much they will fall over and will nees some support use a wooden scewer or similar item to support the sprout
A small fan causing a breeze on stem will definitely help with stem strength as well as m4ur mentioned
Bending of the stem or crushing the stem are training techniques that should be used ince plant reaches veg stage not in sprout stage
Also joining as a member and starting a grow journal :notebook: would be a great way to keep track of your grow and we can assist you better
Happy growing :v:️CB


Agree with the fan…I had seedling stems that stretched quite a bit so I used a small fan and I also staked the stems. I didn’t tie they up tightly, there was some room for movement so that they hardened up on their own.

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Making sure there is some silica in your soil or feed will help promote stem strength as well.