How to make shatter?


I ended up with a bunch of kief from my last harvest and wondered if there is an easy way to make shatter. I heard you could put it in wax paper and hit with a hammer. Any good recipes out there?


U need one of these blast tubes and good clean butane.
Best to read up on it as it can b dangerous with the butane. It involves 2 pyrex dishes and warm water.
Pack tube, put screen on, blast with butane into one dish that is sitting in anoth dish of warm/hot water.
Let it sit to let butane evaporate, it will bubble up with air pockets
Then u have some shatter :grin:
P.s. yes that tube is broke, i broke a few nights ago doing a blast, wasnt holdni butane straight and broke peice off my blast tube


A good closed loop system will do it.


Thats sweet, my buddy has one like that too. His reuses the butane, does that one?


Yes! This saves money


I enjoy the honey or shatter from butane method but i still prefer doing the old school isoprpyl alcohal wash and cook down. I enjoy the process :wink:


I still run a 200 proof run LOL I like to mix it all up…