How to make my plants flower

Hey im having an issue with my autos i bought. These are GDP autos they out of control and growing to be almost 4 feet now. They arent even fitting in the tent im using, turning into giant monsters. From what i read gdp was supposed to be small bushes. So my problem is that its week 6 and they are still vegging and arent showing any pistils. I have switched the lights to bloom and it didnt help, i tried to switch to light dark cycle to no avail. What do i do? Are my seeds not auto seeds? Maybe its the soil? Im using coast of maine organic soil. Help! They are about to be too big for my grow tent, how do i make them flower? Thanx

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I have read on this forum that you could possibly put them on a 12/12 light schedule to possibly kick start them into flower. I am a newbe so you might need more experience help.

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Put plants on 12/12. If Ruderalis genetics (autoflower) are not present that will force flower. That said, at 6 weeks they may not be sexually mature and nothing you do will force flower until they’re ready.