How to LST short bushy plant - or don't bother?

I have 2 Gorilla Glue autoflowers, they are 5 and 4 weeks old.

They are doing super, growing wide, dense and bushy and fairly short, 7 and 6 in

My question is how can I LST a short bushy plant like this, or should I not bother unless it starts getting much taller.

I am still new to growing and haven’t had any grow this short and bushy so far.


Looks good right now. I don’t lst until it’s tall enough to tie to the edge of the pot.


I wouldn’t really worry about training either right now. Maybe when it gets bigger you can open up a little.


Beautiful plants they look very healthy I agree with other members let them get bigger. I would be thinking about larger pots. 5 gallon is a good all-around size.

I did just purchase some 5gal fabric pots. I need to get some more soil though, hopefully I can find some this week. home depot and Walmart dont have big selection outside of miracle grow. I have used the miracle grow organic and been fine.

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You will be happy with your fabric pots . For me makes it easy catching runoff checking pH.