How to lower room temps?

My ac is a mediocre pos n can only go to 64F. How can i drop my room temperature to 50degrees F?

Is it a window unit?

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50F is awfully chilly for cannabis.

My tent runs 65 to 80


Trying to get more purple on a GDP so wanting very low temps

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Yes our house ac is broke n too expensive to fix

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That is a little on the chilly side. I thought if you stressed her or maybe got cold would force her to use up what pigment or energy she has and possibly make it worse for the overall plant. Can someone figure out what i mean? Is this true or…? I thought the pigment and all were a genetics thang.

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As long as you have a good 10 degree temp change between day/night and the genetics, it should change. I never heard of a ac that goes below 60…i believe they call em refrigerators or walk in coolers lol…jk, i hope they turn for you! On a side note, i only read this and have not tried this part so take it with a grain of salt, a high ph of plain water during the end flush can help bring out alot of color. Good luck


Dump a bag of ice on tops of the medium.

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You are correct. A simple 10° change can induce fall colors. So can running high ph fluids through it. It really depends on the plants genetics too. It’s a combination of both that produce the coloring. Mind you, this is only for bag appeal. Haven’t seen any study yet to say that it increases any potency or terpines.