How to lower room temperature

I just bought this LEC 315 watt light made by mantis horticulture and I was wondering how I can lower my temperature. its currently at 90-93 degrees F
I have a 4 in’ hurricane inline fan and one 24’ fan blowing in my 3x3 tent

The problem is that you are blowing all the heat from the LEC around the tent. You need to suck air over the bulb and exhaust it out of the tent (and probably out a window or dryer vent. Put a cool tube around the bulb and hook up a duct from it to your exhaust fan. If it heats up the room too much then run a duct from the exhaust fan to the outside.

If you had less airflow in the tent, the hot air could rise to the top and get sucked out without ducts, but fans are good for plants.


what is a cool tube?

It’s a reflector with a built-in system so you can hook your inline exhaust fan to it and it sucks the hot air from the bulb out. Google it, they’re pretty nifty

damn I just bought one and it doesn’t have one, any other options?

Not sure. I use leds myself

Get yourself a hole saw or jigsaw and a flange. Make your existing reflector a vented one using something like this:


Cool thanks! I’ll try looking into this but i don’t have the biggest selection of tools