How to lower high humidity

i have this kind of setup in the tent…
My problem is when the lights are off,the humidity rises too high,i have 2 pcs of oscillating fan,other tower model and 3 pcs of clip fans and besides those i have 3kg of rice in the floor…what can i do? using two viparspectra reflector series 600W model and 4"4 tent and 5 plants.tomorror starts week 7 in flowering period…the humidity rises about~60%

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i use a in-line fan and direct humidity out of the tent… good looking grow!

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Thanks bro :v: i think ill have the problem solved because i have so much air movement in the tent,the bud rot may not,or the moisture let sit down in the buds and leaves

simply increasing your lights out temps with a small heater or a heated seedling mat will help to lower your lights out humidity levels. Warming the air during lights out will help to maintain a steady environment for your plants. Also high humidity above 70% will block the pores in your carbon filter making it much less efficient. If you can lower your humidity to between 40% and 50% for flowering it will help the plants grow quicker and thicker. Good luck with your grow.

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I dont have any problem when the lights are on,then the humidity is 35-45% but when the lights are off the humidity rises too high,above 60% but allso i still have many fans in the tent which are great to keep the moisture out of The buds and the leaves