How to know when to start feeding nutes

What’s up peeps. Love this website on my 3rd grow. 4 autos 2 of them big Bud the other 2 super skunk one of them not doing so great really really small might toss it. Anyway anyway when do you know when to start feeding notes. What are you guys think do you think it’s time here’s pictures


What soil are you in?

The second pic looks hungry already. Check your runoff ppm. If it’s under 1,000 then feed.

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@Wanna-be-a-farmer I’m digging the bins lol. Make use of what ya got I say!! Plenty of room to spread out them roots in there. I wonder how many gallons they are?

Five gallon buckets. I use to use them (and got them from Menards too.)

Them totes are awesom they ae 12 gallon and i used them once befoee. Thats is actuallu the only reason i bought them. The first time i got pound and half off 3 plants im going for 2 lbs this time

There hungry mate you want to start feeding them now before they get to yellow

Ok thanks peeps they were put in soil about a month ago. I just watered them so ill have to wait few days but ill feed them thanks guys

You could try a foliar spray of ammonia. 2 choices, pee in a jar and let it sit 24 hours, use about an ounce per quart of water and mist the leaves at lights out. Male pee only, female urine has a whack of hormones.
Or use can use some good ol’ household ammonia, an ounce of that in a spray bottle. I do this (refuse to piss on my plants, don’t care if it’s good for them or not!). Again, lights out so it dries before lights on. Nitrogen is absorbed thru the leaves in a couple of days versus 4 or 5 thru roots.
Then you don’t have to wait until a feeding, by the time you feed them they should be a lot greener. I also use this on fresh clones, apparently it helps with the root development.