How to know when to harvest?

Hi all,

Thank you in advance for your time in answering such a newbie question…

Attached is a pic of one of my buds in flower. She is at 62 days from germinated seed…

I am assuming that I should start the 2 week flush process shortly? Also, is it these white pistols that start to turn orange? When its 50/50 white and orange is that when I should hang dry?

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Very nice ! You still have a lot of white pistols I would say more like 4 weeks to go. The white pistols will turn amber color and then they’ll recede back in towards the bud. You need a Jeweler’s loupe start looking at the buds watch The crystals (Tric) go from clear to cloudy, I harvest when I see about 10% Amber. But it is a personal preference.


Thanks for that…when you say 10%…you mean when it is 10% amber? Is it true that the more amber it is the less potent it is? Or is it the opposite?

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Yes 10% Amber ,When crystals start to turn Amber at that point pretty much reached its peak.

Peak potency is at cloudy. Hard to judge accurately though so it’s a judgment call. Like @kellydans said though you have at least 4 weeks to go. Lots of bud swell the last few weeks.

This is what you want:


You’re telling me…look how nice yours is!!! Damn!..thanks all for the recommendation…it helps out lots…stay safe and take care

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Sometimes when you are getting impatient for the plant to finish; look at the entries on the Bud of the Month Contest.