How to know if you overwater?

Hello, I’m on day 28 with my plants:

Seeds: AK47 and White widow
Lights: Lumatek Attic 200w
Medium: Rockwool blocks, stacked 10x10x5cm on top of a 15x15x14 (4x4x2" on 6x6x5")
18h light cycle
Canna Aqua nutrients and addons

I have a feeding system with 16 drips, I put 8 of them in each plant and ran 20minutes of watering for 1,5 weeks. They have been growing very fast and nicely, but now seem to have stopped. Only adjustments i’ve made:

I upped the humidity 24/7 to 40-60% (I was away for a week, then i only ran the humidifier for 6h per day)
I increased the feedings to 3x20m per 24h
I lowered the light 5cm (now at 28-30cm)
I added boost to the nutrients

This is how they look:

Any ideas?


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If not staying in that size rockwool its prolly well due for a bigger root area. Is there a way to float the cube and let roots hang in solution like hydro style

Thank you for your reply. I have a drip system, and I dont think I would do this big modifications to it. The system looks like this:

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