How to keep up humidity

if you have air coing in with low humidity and you have extraction the what would be a good way to keep the humidity up to 70% when the air circulating keeps it at 38%.
im sure you guys know the way to sort it. thankyou in advance

Slow down your exhaust fan and try to cycle fresh air alot slower. You want temps around 80 inside with around 55 to 65% humidity


my extraction is at its lowest and i put air in on a timer at 5 min intervals but still not great even though i have wet towels down too

Get large humidifier to bring rh up in room that your intake air comes from.


Then you need to get the ambient humidity up in the room the tent is in.

Which is what Dbrn recommended


Humidifier, close the area

How far into veg are you? 70% is mighty high. If it’s a seedling then you can put a dome over it.

Can you tell us a little more about your grow.
It’s a constant challenge for most folks.

I’m sure there are plenty of folks here that can help with a little info about your grow.

Good luck ! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:

Get a COOL MIST humidifier. I was having the same issues and ordered a cool mist humidifier off of Amazon. Humidity and temperature are near perfect now.


Raise your lights higher, is the first easiest way to adjust low humidity.

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well the thing is i have no tent and my air comes in from out side a windows so im guessing a humidifier is the solution my room is a 16x15x9 high so no tent but listen guys im happy for your help i truely am plus my babies wich have been in veg for around 3 weeks dont seem to be growing any more and im sure they should be more taller and more bushy ill take some pics tomorrow…thanks again guys.

i also have a issue with leaves curling down and some sort off , well take a look

also for every 600w hps light will cover what area. would it be 1 for every 3x3 foot or 1 every meter square ?

They look like they root bounding, if it’s sativa dominant and you don’t give the roots enough space to accommodate the light intensity, they will bound up and cause curling downward and many thinks it’s a watering issue , but the roots need more room to keep up with the intensity of the lights and if you have that much space from light :bulb: to plant canopy can also cause over stretching . now if they stop growing don’t mean they stop , that means the roots are working for the next growth phase.

Use a humidifier