How to keep temperature down in grow box?

A question from a fellow grower:

Grow room set, have the cash crop 3 foot……3 bulbs in tails popped out when in water for 3 days
HOW do i get and keep temp down in grow box?? ? It is 88 degrees F and I have tried frozen water bottles,
one has popped up but looks like an upside down mushroom….not good. Another popping up…planted four in the box…2 spaces empty
Should I just remove 1 bulb to see if that helps temp???

The only way to lower temps in an enclosed area is to turn over the air with colder air from outside, this means making sure the intake on the box has access to cold enough air to get the inside temps down and making sure the fans that move air in or out of the box are moving the air fast enough, or as you have already thought of, remove sources of heat, which might mean removing a light.

Maybe you need all the bulbs, but smaller bulbs?

1st of all my friend, 83 f 9is not bad for young plants in veg, and although a bit high, this temp would be manable even though not perfect. Basically you want temps between 70-80 f; So, you are not too far off.

Have you, or do you run your lights on in the evening when it is cooler? I always have my lights come on at 7pm to take advantage of cooler outside temps, through the evening and early morning. Hope this helps. :slight_smile: