How to increase and decrease ph levels



is there a question or comment here?


Maybe Irma forgot what the train of thought was. That often happens after smoking weed.



To adjust the pH of your water or your water/nutrient solution, I use these. They come in a variety of sizes. You have digital pH and TDS meter too?


Looks to me like she’s providing an alternative way of adjusting your PH. See the bottom scale!


im not putting cheese or vinegar in my soil lol


No, those are things that have the same pH as listed on the chart.


@blackthumbbetty i was responding to this comment. i think @dunnitagain was saying @irma1010 was suggesting to use these items to adjust pH.

i still dont know why this thread was created


That’s what I was responding to, not your comment.


I use fresh lemon juice to decrease pH.


When using dwc and having issues maintining 5.5 - 6.2 ph, is it ok (when no other option) to put peat moss in cheesecloth and submerge in dwc? Lemon juice isn’t holding water down


how often are you needing to adjust ph?


started saturday with 13 chocolate girl guide lucky 13 seeds. Water needs daily adjustment. All 13 are seedlings and many have tap root coming out of rock wool cube already. Have transplanted to dwc container. I know a bit soon. But they are amazingly healthy looking.


also… used 1/4 diablo nutrient mix solution hoping it would lower ph. It did only marginally because I didn’t want to use too much nute.


I’ve ordered ph down… in meantime is there some other organic way to lower the ph in my res more reliably? Any help guys would be most appreciated. !3 out of 13 and these babies are very stout, dark and persistent. Don’t wanna lose them to ph monster


daily adjustment of ph in hydro is normal, i think. but take mine with a grain of salt. ive never dwc.

have u considered to use “perfect ph” nutrients? it supposedly works


never heard of. will look into. thanks. my understanding is there will be a natural ebb and flow of the ph when veg. and it’s entirely ok. Just that i’m merely seedling and trying to head water ph issues off at path. Again, thx


Anything “PERFECT” invites Murphies law…

(just saying)


Check out some of Cornell University’s pdfs on pH. If you Google that, you’ll get some truly great info & insight into pH.