How to identify hermies?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I am not sure exactly which of the two strains was a hermie. I must not have noticed the bananas during the grow. This one happened to catch me off guard, considering I wasn’t very knowledgeable at the time to know what to look for, hermaphrodite indicators.

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It has happened to me in past grows myself. The first time it happened to me I didn’t even know what was going on or what they were aka bananas. It was before I found this website so I had no one to ask and had to sift through the internet and learn about it etc.
Basically when I noticed my plants get/got too hot, or I ran out of growing room, in the past and I have sun-bleached some of my leaves and that was/is an indicator that I was probably going to end up having a hermi.
Wait for some of the pros to reply to you I’m still learning stuff as I go but from what I understand hermis occur when you over stress the plant in one form or another. Basically if a plant is consistently getting too hot or if there’s a light leak somewhere shining on the plant during the night time or if you accidentally snap off a major branch late in the grow these are all things I believe can induce hermaphrodites.
Good luck and enjoy growing.


@neckNflu you are, and, looks like have this covered my friend that was very sound advice that you gave and as you I’m no pro but I definitely agree with you 100 % it’s great to be able to be starting to know and understand what needs have to be meet.


Yes @neckNflu during flower any plant thats stressed due to heat, light getting in, too much or too little humidity can cause herme. After each grow wipe down your tent walls with a bleach solution all over. Pollen can stick everywhere & next grow even without a male will produce seeds.


Yeah it does. It kind of gives you a little bit more confidence and for me it at least lets me think about problems in a different way when they pop up. Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. Have a good day

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That’s a great point! Yeah after something like that happens you should really clean out the room. That’s something that I’m guessing gets easily overlooked. I know it had when I first started. Thank you very much I appreciate that. Have a good day and happy growing