How to identify gray mold damage

  • The symptoms of gray mold depend on the type of plant and environmental conditions, but generally spots that appear water-soaked will form on the leaves. These might appear white at first.
  • These spots will then change color from gray to brown, eventually covering most of the leaf and causing it to wilt. The brown coloration is what often causes people to confuse gray mold with brown mold.
  • Under really humid conditions, grayish webbing may appear on the leaves. In this webbing are structures that contain fuzzy spores. Spores become active and are released with any activity at all.
  • Petals, stems, and buds can also be infected.
  • Eventually, all of the infected parts of the plant will be covered by a fuzzy gray growth, causing you to seemingly become gray flowers.

Source: almanac. com

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I have three females in flower and doing good except the colas are turning brown on the inside wats going on with them?can I fix this issue?

Sounds like the grey my friend. Meaning it’s inside the plant already. My experience with it was a heavy h202 wash after an immediate harvest. Where 40% of two where discarded even after being washed. Anything that showed signs was discarded. Rest was fine. I’m 99% sure what I discarded would have been fine too. Since the peroxide would’ve killed everything. I just wasn’t gonna take the chance. @Lee5

Should I harvest it then?

With bud rot can I harvest my plant in it last flpwerings stage

I have suffered a loss. My shortest plant had dense and thick buds, very promising.

I noticed some damage at the top of a couple buds, and decided to harvest a week ago. Unfortunately, about 25% of the buds had a dull brown rot. I cleaned all the buds and separated out the damaged buds.

I checked the drying process last of the non-brown buds, and was distraught to find a coating of light gray mold-like substance over most of the remaining buds.

Photos below.

Just before harvest:

The “browned” buds today:

The “gray” bud tragedy:

Bummer. Can’t smoke any of that.