How to hone my technique

A question from a fellow grower:

I have 2 Gold Leaf plants growing nicely. However, I lost 3. Let me know how to get 100%.

I germinate in warm distilled water and typically all seeds sprout. When the root is about 1 inch, I transfer to potting material (Sunshine Pro–sphagnum peat moss, perlite, dolomite, and I add vermiculite for seedlings). I use a heated and hooded starting tray with plenty of humidity until they are ready for a final pot. For whatever reasons, some flourish and some don’t. Sometimes the puny, “late bloomer” becomes the best plant and vice versa. Sometimes there is 2-3 weeks difference in growth for seeds germinated at the same time.

I’m wondering how to hone my technique at the pre-seedling & seedling stage.

You are waiting too long to plant Try shot glass method soak seeds in a shot glass until they all sink then immediately move to growing media I usually use a simple peat pellet soaked in water ph’d around 6 I leave everything in pellets until I see visible roots around 3 nodes typically. Then I dust with myko and plant in sunshine mix in my solo cups.
If you are germinating to 1" they are incredibly sensitive to light air and anything on your hands or tools during transfer any damage to tap root it’s over.

Couldn’t agree more. I soak seeds for 12 hours then plant straight into either rockwool or jiffy starter plugs depending on if going into Hydro or Coco. I do this regardless of if the taproot shows or not. Thus far this has been 100% effective for me :slightly_smiling: