How to grow white widow

A question from a fellow grower:

I bought white widows seeds from you. My question is I bought a grow box 4 ft tall 18 inches wide and 13 inches deep it is a hydroponics with 6 seed cups 300 watt led so how many would you grow to get max yield and should they be SCROG thanks


To be honest, in that space, I think I’d grow one. WW get’s pretty bushy in my experience. :slight_smile: And yes, some sort of LST is a good idea but you don’t have a lot of space to grow outwards in this case.

Good luck and happy growing!


I would do 2 in that space nothing more and scrog is a personal choice, a great way of increasing yield


I’m with @Matthew420 on this one , my WW grew Huge in no time , exceeding 5 ft. (outdoors) that tent may be more appropriate for Autos, but give it a shot and let us know how it goes .

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I think i will grow one to start just to see how it grows thanks for the inputs

I agree w @Majiktoker

Do 2…

In case one has issues

I grow in a box smaller than yours and i do all 6…

Through proper training

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I’m also with @Majiktoker & @Les_B_Buds 2 will work great

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How small is your box? I have a stealth box that I use before I transplanted them in my tent. I have a 2ft by 7"x12" and a 3ft with the same length and width.

Just starting this for the VERY 1st time- I do sprout seeds for my veggie garden this way. Can I do the same for my WW seeds? I live on the California Central Coast. Mild termps right now in the 60’s , and the way I usually sprout any seeds indoor in a clear plastic container placing seeds on a moist paper towel & top covered in plastic wrap.This is kept close to a window for sunlight. I also use a germination mat that has an average temp of 80 degress under the container. Now heres the 2nd step- I have a grow light I would use 24 /7 for the sprouted seeds in a container in the garage. Is that sounding do-able? I don’t want to mess this up. Also, in April I would put sprouted plants in my greenhouse to continue their growth.

Sounds like a great plan dude! You shouldn’t have any problems.