How to grow white widow auto flowers

No flowers are new to me I need some information should I top
Or do low stress training?

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I meant to say auto flowers

If you are new to growing using auto flowering plants it’s best to do some LST to avoid going too far and stalling them out. I’ve got an auto going now that was given to me by a grower experienced enough to top (gently) and the plant responded well.


Thank you i’m growing white widow feminized auto flower


Got any pics of it?

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I just started them

I just ordered my WW auto seeds, are you indoor or outdoor growing? Age and pictures please.

Here’s my journal. It’s kinda long. Kind of my bona fides…



ive topped, supercropped, lsted, and fimmed wwas.

a proper lst at the right time is great. id let them get a bit bigger before though.

also lollipooping is a great pruning trick to get energy allocated efficiently

You don’t wanna lollipop until beginning of the flower cycle

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