How to grow medical marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

My request is solely for one of pain relief of my spine, as tramadol, with paracetamol, do not help. My questions are 3 fold,: 1, Is it legal to grow this in Spain? How long to grow it to enable to be used?

I know Spain has a long tradition of growing whether or not it is legal by governmental law. At least there should be a local community, possibly an “underground” community, that would be best to get answers like these, as last I heard, in general it is still illegal. I do not know if Spain has a legal medical program, local doctors I’m sure would know better than I and if it is not legal at all, there may be some compassionate doctors that could point you in the right direction to local underground resources. This sounds like the perfect question for Jorge Cervantes of High Times Magazine. Sorry, I don’t know him personally. He was interviewed at Spannabis 2013 in Barcelona for Freedom Seeds about the size of the Cannabis industry.

Hi, I had polio as a child in the 50s, now its called post polio syndrome. I had worked but had to stop, i used to buy all my smoke, now so i cant afford it, so i have to start growing. I bought a grow room kit and bought some seeds from this site for medical needs as i live in Scotland and its still against the law here.I have had some help allready but will need more. I will ask as i go along. Thanks for your help.