How to grow marijuana using Hydroponics

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

can you tell me how to grow marijuana using Hydroponics without it stinking up the house? I only grow regular photos so you could Target future sells towards me with photo regulars

I can teach you and help you along with hydroponics if you are committed to it but you would have to do research on what system works best for your space. Also hydro smells no different from soil growing

You need some kind of air scrubber or filter.

I’m assuming that the smell you’re concerned about is the buds.

Donaldj is a great person to learn hydro from. I’d take him up on that offer if I wanted to get good inside!

I recommend joining the forum and let us help you. The smell is there no matter how you decide to grow once you’re into flower. They do smell somewhat in veg. but not like in flower. You’ll need a good filter system to remove the smell. You also have to think about the drying process which is also a very smelly situation. I do hydro with the ebb and flow system. Hope to see you join.

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