How to grow bigger faster plants/clones


Is there a special nurturient or food I can give my clones to grow faster and bigger? Thank In advance!


First grow here, but @bob31 or @Countryboyjvd1971 have more experience than myself. Just a typical grow fertilizer with more nitrogen in the beginning is all you need. If you use Fox Farm nutrient line, use the Grow big. Hope this helps! Welcome to the forum and happy growing!


Cutting a clone and using a dwc is as fast as it gets from my understanding . But others will chime in , hopefully some pros


Some grow styles are faster and you can start force flowering early to save time some people grow in 1 or 1 and a half gallon pots to rootbind early to help the plant finish both of those are going to adversely affect your grow in my opinion. You may be able to push a week or 10 days earlier than someone like me who is in no hurry but I think it depends on how long you veg your crop flowering just takes as long as it takes . I have had 2 seeds of the same strain from the same order mature 2 weeks apart for harvest time . Some of harvest depends on what buzz or medicinal effects your looking for earlier harvest is a heady up buzz later more mature plants will give you a heavier more relaxing body buzz and fully mature plant will glue your butt to the couch . A lot of different factors go into how long a grow lasts but trust me we ALL want to harvest ASAP


My basic understanding is that if you do any snipping (FIM, top, etc.) you are prolonging the veg cycle, but using methods like super-cropping and cloning to nothing do the timeline of the mother plant. Still not sure about the intricacies of cloning.


The only thing I have ever given clones is rooting hormone. There are several different brands and methods, but they all target faster root growth.

It seems like soaking rock wool or rapid rooter in your preferred brand is pretty popular. Or using a dip and some sort of seed starting mix. After they root, you would plant them and then move forward based on your growing media.

I think I’ve seen a few people start with a very small dose of veg nutrients in soilless grow media too, but I haven’t personally.


One note on clones: monster cropped clones are far and away the most vigorous IMO. I have a GL right now that is beating all of the seed based plants.


So once you clone, do they revert to veg on their own or do you have to fim/top once they get rooted?


You put clones under veg light cycle, and they should do their thing. I like to keep them under 24 hours light, but some will do 20/4 or 18/6.

If you are monster cropping, you shouldn’t have to do much. It’s not a method I practice, but it definitely looks like they go crazy on their own. If you’re taking regular clones from a vegatative state, you wouldn’t want to be topping them until after they are rooted and have established growth.


When I take cuttings, I go into whatever medium I’m growing in with rooting powder and mykos. They are covered and kept under lights for 24 hours per day. They revert to veg immediately, but interestingly have a more hardened off stalk than a seedling does. Other than that it is just a more vigorous plant with a more extensive root system.

Cloning is really incredibly easy to do and nothing to be fearful of.


Thanks @dbrn32 and @Myfriendis410. I get the process, but the videos I have seen show you how to get started… then the results. I wasn’t sure if the light cycle on it’s own would do it or if you had to train them in some way. I guess Chef D meant it when he said “they just grow retarded…”


If space is limited, take clones during veg. If not and you want to grow a larger plant go to monster cropping.


For sure! Lights will do everything you need, and yes monster cropping certainly looks to be that way haha. I think there were some YouTube videos of monster cropped plants that looked pretty wild, may be worth searching.

I usually grow single cola plants, so I don’t have a lot of experience with with the different training methods. But from what I’ve seen his wording is pretty accurate.


I am tempted to try, but I am growing (“good shit”) bag seed, and have reputable seeds on the way - so I think I may wait - or not… But I’ll be reading and learning in the meantime. My girl is sill in the 1st week of veg (per the grow guide pics…)


Like @Myfriendis410 says, it’s not a really big deal. I killed a few my first go around, and even now don’t always get 100% of them to root. But I really don’t give it a lot of attention either, so I just take a few more than needed.

If you’re in the first week of veg, you probably have a little time before you want to start hacking off clones. I would use the time to aquire a tray with tall humidity dome, and whatever else you plan to use. Once your plants get developed, you can usually clone from a couple of small lower branches that wouldn’t amount to much anyway. I would suggest taking a few while still in veg, even if you don’t necessarily plan on using them. If you want to monster crop, you can pretty much do the same thing. Grab a branch or two that you would probably trim away anyway, and take them from there. The only real difference is taking them from a veging plant or taking them from a flowering plant.


One thing I learned from cloning other plants (like basil) is something Chef D mentioned in his “everything” video (fim/top/super/monster…) was about the “air bubble” in the stem.

If you can plan to cut twice (based on nodes etc) you want to get them in water quick (like he says) but you can also do a second cut of another 1/4" - 1/2" with the stem already under water. let it set for a bit, then do whatever treatment you are going to do.


But I invested in the junk to mix up a batch of supersoil, and don’t want to use my only remaining 5gal pot to clone a bag-seed. Might do it in regular dirt just to experiment.




A sack of FFOF isn’t that bad, but I got the “everything” mix posted by one of the moderators, and tossed in a pack of Mike-O’Rizey’s for good measure. About $100 made 10 gallons of soil and got me a 5-pack of cloth pots.

This is week 1, about day 4 of veg…


Don’t get me wrong, daddy don’t buy no mid - so my bag-seed should rock!

edited to add: most times, I am actually hoping to find a good seed :wink: