How To Grow A Monster: A "High" Stakes Bet

Thanks @Nicky dont want to miss this grow.

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Way before your plant shows signs of distress the reservoir will tell you of a pump failure. LOL I just cant remember what the signs are because I seem to be too stoned. :exploding_head:

Hey everybody. I apologize for not coming on the last few days. My daughter got very sick and required hospitalization. She’ll be coming home this week so I will be back to update everyone on the Baby Monster.
I really appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.
All my love,
Ya Girl


Sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope that all is well and I wish your daughter a speedy recovery.

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Family first! As a healthcare professional I try to advocate good personal health and mental health. Go do your thing and get your little princess all peachy again.
See you soon


I hope and pray for her speedy recovery as well! :pray:

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Wishing you the best, we will be here.


Glad she’s on the up an up and heading home, no worries here, family always first!

Hope she’s doing better.

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Check in when all is well; we’ll still be here…likely high too haha!


My thoughts are with you and your family.

Best wishes hope she feels better soon.