How to grow a girl box 3 point

I have grown two times and each time I have used the suggested lights that the grow box 3.0 came with, the nutrients (moon dust) that it came with and I did not get very good results out of this. They said that I would be able to get a decent yield and that has not been the case now I am Looking into having to spend more money to get the right lighting and Nutrients I believe is the most important. But like I said I am new to growing I have plenty of friends who grow fantastically but they will not let me in on the secrets. I just want to grow for me and my wife who are disabled please help me!

How many plants are you growing an how much was your last yeild hydro I’m assuming

We are here to help. As a Bergman’s Lab Member, you will have access to the step by step program that should help you get better results.

I’m sure decent yields can be achieved with only the “moon dust” nutrients and the CFL lights that come in the grow box, however it is not as straight forward as just throwing everything in the box and letting it grow.

Temperature control and maintaining the correct pH and also training the plant, or plants correctly, to make use of the very limited space in such a box, are of utmost importance to being able to achieve decent yields in such a box.

Be sure to read up in the Lab, and check out the numerous posts in the forum and you will find lots of help and answers to your questions.

Also be sure to check out the “guides” section as well:

And absolutely feel free to ask any additional questions or for clarifications as they come to mind, right here in this post and I’m sure, I, or one one of our numerous helpful fellow members will get back to help you to the best of their ability.

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Growing 3 white widow auto flower.

Thanks I will

Yes on the hydro

Had 2 plants live and got a zip and a half

How tall before harvest

They were about 18 inches each. I did just test the water I use and it’s from my fridge that is filtered and it does register is 7.5. So where does that leave me I do have humidity of pants green pads in there And also a small CO2 running that I started a week ago it’s homemade from sugar and yeast so it’s not much but every little bit helps

The pH in your hydro reservoir needs to be as close to 5.8 as you can keep it, 7.5 is way too high, even for soil. Also you need to keep water temps below 72F if at all possible, and not really any lower than about 68 F.


The temp in the box is 68 degrees and the humidity is at 50%. I will have to get some ph down then

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Food grade phosphoric acid is usually the main ingredient in name brand pH down, something to keep in mind when looking to buy something that will work, and you can often buy it from food suppliers, after all it is a major ingredient in Coca Cola and other colas and dark soft drinks like Dr. Pepper, and it is used in other edible concoctions as well.

You can use distilled vinegar or lemon juice with some success, however, it might not give as significant, reliable or as stable of results.

Also, pure sulfuric acid, also known as a “battery refill” from an auto parts store can make a great and inexpensive pH down, but it is very concentrated and very little would be needed.

I’ll tag @latewood to this conversation, as he’s used the stuff a lot, and I believe he has the formula or recommended dilution to make your own pH down from it. When it comes new, it is perfectly safe and has no lead in it as it has never touched the lead plates inside a car battery.


So I would use the same home water and buy battery refill to get the ph correct . With these to things changed they should do better. ???

I don’t know why so many people are either unaware of, or actually think pH is not important. It is one of the biggest things that will affect the way your plant grows, as it has a very significant direct impact on the ability of a plant to uptake nutrients.

If you look in the very common General Hydroponics chart, below, that comes with their pH up and down kit, you can see how pH will change how available certain nutrients are at different pH levels, and you’ll notice the sweet spot for hydro is about 5.8, and much below 5.4 or above about 6.2 and things can become unavailable real quick, and that will starve your plants of those very needed nutrients which will obviously prevent them from growing well.

Also, absolutely water temperature is very important in hydroponics, it can mean the difference between healthy roots that thrive and root rot, as temps much above 72*F and dissolved oxygen levels drop significantly. People always think plants need CO2, and this is true at the leaves above ground, but just like you don’t want light getting to the roots, CO2 is not needed at the roots, and actually the opposite is true, they need oxygen at the roots.

As far as using your home water, I just recently wrote a very detailed response on what type of water to use, and why, here:


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Whether you use diluted Phosphoric acid, or sulfuric acid, it makes little difference. It is all about using an acid that you can control, and that allows you to maintain a consistent PH level.

I have used Sulfuric acid battery refills in my commercial greenhouse for years. I also used GH PH down (Phosphoric acid) for years indoors. I recently bought a 32 oz bottle to to try and stabilize my reservoir I was having issues, more than normal.

It is best when learning to grow to use the commercial phosphoric acid based PH down.