How to Grow a Cloned Seedling

So, I’m not sure if I used the correct terminology in the thread title so forgive me if it’s wrong. I am starting this new thread from a previous thread regarding a severed seedling. Basically, I severed the stem of a week old seedling. I attempted to splice it back to the taproot and that failed. I replanted the seedling in a root riot, fed it some nutes and a few weeks later it re-rooted.
See pics. Below is the pic from when I tried splicing it back. The next one is how it is today. 4 weeks later.

My question is whether or not I should just keep doing what I’m doing with it or do I need specific nutes or supplements that I need to be giving it.
I’m basically winging it right now. I want it to continue getting stronger.

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Ok. Ivthink its ok to start on a little grow nutes. Id make sure the soil isnt to rich itself first. Do you ph your drink?

Just treat it like any other plant (except for the one you chopped) :wink:

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If you leave that straw around it will strangle that plant.

It’s a before and after pic. The straw was on for a day or two in the beginning. Its been off for 32 days.

Yeah, I’ve been giving it nutes since the beginning as there was no root. Small doses as well as Ful Grow. A fulvic acid nute.