How to get the temps down?

Question from a fellow grower:

I’m having trouble getting the temperature of my tent down. It seems to idle around 85F. It’s my first grow so when I read online other people seem to freak out about it. They talk as if it will ruin the plant and I won’t get a good harvest. I have my tent (2x4x5) in a closet for stealth. It’s the best I can do at my home. Idk what else to do to get rid of heat. I installed a carbon filter to an in line duct fan (200 CFM) that is pumping the air out if the tent. There’s an extra small fan at the bottom and an extra duck fan in the side blowing air from the outside into the tent to try to replace the warm air with cool air.

Any help?

Photo of your setup would help, Are you pulling the hot air out the top of tent? Lights you using? I’m going to work wont be back for 10 hours will help more then :clown_face:
85f is in the high but ok range

My grow space runs at 82 and all is well.

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Are you using HID lighting, or LED, or…? Depending on the lighting, 85 might actually be optimal, such as with some LEDs. I wouldn’t worry too much unless your plants are “complaining.”
Also, you can join the forum and create a journal if you like. It’s a good way to get lots of eyes on a problem, or just to get feedback. Welcome! :v:

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If the sides of the grow tent are “sucked in” the out flow is greater than the in flow of air.
Should be equal. Opening the tent some would reduce temps…however, it would allow smells to get out.

85° isnt terrible. For LED its optimal temps. HID lighting you would want to maybe lower it a bit. But if you cant get it down, it’s fine as long as your RH is also in line with it (higher temps require higher RH) for VPD. You can find charts on line.
My grow room has been about 82° and around 70% RH since I started this grow, everything looks really good. I’m around 2 weeks into flower