How to get that *Purple* in the name into your grow

So this was an experiment to begin with but for a first time grow I suprised myself with how good this has been working.
Using an old fridge I stripped out I was able to get the temps in my grow space low enough to bring out my colors… new light is a must for my next grow. This is so easy and simple anyone could do and and be surprised on how well it works if you can’t afford a tent or fancy setup. Some $5 pots and soil out of the fields. All I did was water the entire grow. The second pot I had was an autoflower and has been harvest already.


Yup. Cool temps push purples.
Some strains do nothing. Others, the fan and sugar leaves purple. Some, the flowers themselves are purple.


How low are you going during the lights out period?
Happy Growing!!

Low 60s

Is that the trick? Cold nights? Or cold ALL the time. When i was budding i could get any better than 78F lights on. 63-66ish lights off. 600W non enclosed reflector HPS

Keeping it cold durring the night but I couldn’t really adjust the temp throughout the day on this grow

It’s been getting really cold outside already and my outdoor plants are loving it…

look at all that purple!

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It’s said that strong genetics with a purple trait and cold weather is the key. The purple is a defense mechanism against the cold. I forget the name of the chemical that causes the color to change but it’s the same chemical in every flower and fruit that’s responsible for making them purple.

Was this grown with HID’S? The nugs look dense.

@imSICKkid can tell you how to get the colors without temp change

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Get some tap water and get it into the 12s with ph up. That’s it :metal:

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A combination of PLC strips and hlg qb’s.


At what point do you do this? In the final couple weeks?

Yeah 2 weeks left

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I’ve had low temps the entire flower period