How to get that dank smell back?

i have my summer crop curing in jars since around oct 20th. i had burped them for about 2 weeks then added boveda 62% and seled them in vacuumed sealed mason jars. using my food saver machine. well my wifes…
my weed is excellent an potent as hell but still doesnt smell as well as it did and has a slight grassy smell. but if you pick apart the bud for a bong hit it is really great? how do i get that in the jar selling better? i do leave a lil trimmed sugar leaf on there and some on a thick stem but shouldnt my hay smell be gone? i dont sell it so doesnt really matter but i would like that dank smell when showing friends…
any help is awesome!

Unfortunately boveda packs give off a “sour” smell when added to buds before they’re fully cured. I removed all the packs from many jars once I realized they were making my weed smell “off”. It never got better. I really think boveda should address this…

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I feel like doing the initial burp everyday cure to 62% then once a week to once every 2 week burping until 55% gives better flavor. But that’s my experience.


like i said flavor is good smokes good just smelling jar is not great…wife says it smells like weed. lol she dont smoke and tells me it all smells the same
i know my sky walker smells way dif than bruce banner. just in jar it all smells off
f i tak it out break it up for small bowls smells way diff

wonder if drinkslinger has point of boveda giving off funk grass smell or if its absorbing the chroraphyl coming off?
i got 2 jars same strain ill pull boveda out of 1 and see if it helps in a week or 2

thanks for help

thanks @Drinkslinger @AAA

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I tried the packs and quit. Seemed off to me.

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Boveda informed me that their “packaging” absorbed some smells during cure, as well as moisture, and that I should buy and use new ones… Which I’m assuming will also absorb smells and moisture.

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