How to get seeds off of my female

Does anybody know how to pollinate one bud on a female to produce my own seeds

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Easiest method would be to get a male and let them get it on

I would suggest getting her into flower and then during her 12 hour dark period allow plenty of light leaks and just stress her out to the point she herms but even then not sure what would happen, I’m a first time grower so I can only say so much….

If you’re trying to keep growing the same plant you could always clone and its genetics/pheno will live forever

You either have to have donor pollen or produce it yourself. If you want feminized seeds, colloidal silver is applied to one branch which forces it to produce male flowers. Collect and pollinate flower on the same plant. Wait for seeds.

There are numerous descriptions around; do a search and you’ll find it.


Check out threads by @Hellraiser he uses the colloidal silver to make his own fem seeds!