How to get purple haze "PURPLE"


From what I have read and watched online it can be hard to get the PH to turn purple. is this true? I live in the northeast US and the cooler temps may help correct? I will have them in a 12x7x7 greenhouse hoping they can stay out later into October. Any tips or tricks to ensure good pretty purple buds?

On another note I am loving this site you all are very helpful and very informative. thanks for all you have done. :grinning:


I don’t believe that most of these plants actually turn purple, or blue without some help. I have never done it, so I yoeld to someone else on this topic.

I do know that Blueberry does tend to look bluish if finished in cooler weather, but all my blueberry has always been green. :slight_smile:


What kind of help? like an AC unit? I was just hoping to get some nice purps just by letting them be outdoors in the cooler mouths up here in Maine late September or early October.


But I will save the purple haze seeds from ilgm whenever I get them! I’ll grow them indoors if I need to be in more control of the environment. All your tips help. Thanks again.

Darn customs got my beans! Orders is working on it! All of you have been Awesome and I can’t thank you all enough!


Would adjusting the pH help? I know it works for hydrangeas, not sure about cannabis.