How to get oil out of stems?

Is there anyway to extract oil out of stems ?


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There is, question is how much is in the stem and for what purpose? What are you expecting from this oil?

This video is a step by step I use:

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Oh, but he uses a still, which reaches 212F or more. He also sits it in the sun to remove the green color. Both aren’t great for the oil. :grinning:

Here’s a great article about using your stems:


Love me some “High Times”

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Is there a problem with 212F?

That’s the boiling point of water and waaaaay too hot for cannabis oil. It still works, but that heat is unnecessary. I mean he distills it, then cooks it even more for decarbing. That’s a lot of heat. Again, it works, but is it the best practice for the best oil you can make? :grinning:

We seem to follow different schools of thought re:making cannabis oil. :grinning:


Seems everybody does, but without testing it’s all conjecture. The guy who made that video gets his oil tested. He is also the author of the medical cannabis guidebook.

This alone does not mean he is right, but I believe that he has more experience than most when it comes to making oil and I believe that having it tested gives him an advantage over most.

Also, what defines the best oil?

It’s not conjecture. There has been testing done. The science is there.

I really am not interested in arguing or debating personal techniques/preferences. I just want to present people with the best objective information I can. :grinning:

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Understood. I don’t want to argue either. But I have not seen anything saying 212 is bad for oil.

I’ll do some more research in the matter.

Also I still owe everyone results from my agitate/do not agitate experiment. Been way to busy, so apologies.

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Definitely do more research. :grinning:

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Will do, also I will get this latest batch of FECO that I make using Jeff Ditchfield’s method and see what the results are.

I would be interested in knowing what every one thinks constitutes the “best oil”.

Is it potency? I would like some kind of reference point.


That’s a subjective thing, depending upon each person’s needs.

I don’t know who that is. Should I? I don’t tend to read up on others’ personal methods/techniques. I prefer generalized, objective info that I can apply as needed.

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All good.

I’m just trying to figure out what good oil is.

Is it the most potent? Is it the oil that has the most terpenes present but not as potent? Is it the consistency?

In my mind it was potency. But now I’m trying to get oil that has potency bus less “other” things.


And that’s where low temps come into play.

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For potency or less other things?

Btw, sticking your extract in the sun only bleaches it; no chloraphyll is actually removed.

Less other things & higher potency.

Yeah, I don’t do that step anymore.

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I thought that dude knows what he’s talking about? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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He does, but there is always room to improve!

Does the source turbo use heat to evaporate the alcohol?

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