How to get my ph in my water down


my ph in my waters is 8.2 after sitting for 2 days . what can I use to get it down ?


Any brand of ph up and down.


Pay the extra couple bucks and get it from a different seller don’t buy from Xtreme Hydro. I bought from him on August 31th and yet to receive it. I also bought 2 other things Cal Mag and nutrients they were just shipped on the 11th after buying from him on August 31th .


There’s are all kinds of products one can buy to lower pH. I use fresh lemon juice.


And with the GH brand, be very careful with the pH down. I have yet to successfully pH ‘down’ to the proper pH because one drop of it can sometimes drop it too much. The pH up is more forgiving.

Also, add nutes first (if you are feeding), and they will usually bring the pH down some too.


simple cheap PH down is baking soda. If used too much, it will gradually build up salts.
a flush additive will ease that up.


I had to do that for a bit with no $$ and ran out of pH down. If using baking soda, I mix if with water in mason jar and shake the heck out of it, then let it settle for a while. Then just use what you need of the top to reduce how many solids you get.


pH down takes mad skills. Hahahaha. I have 6.9 well water and finally figured out to get to 6.4 it takes .5ml/gallon. So it’s .1ml for each .1 change in pH per gallon. It took a year of messing with it to get it dialed in for me. You’re right. The pH up is pretty easy to get a handle on. .5 up in pH is usually 3ml/gallon for my water


ty I used the lemon juice it worked great ty again !