How to get dense buds?


Me one else have nemore ideas?


Sounds like you got it covered. I think it’s strain selection. Some strains like NL, WW etc will not produce thick dense compact buds no matter what you do. Ive currently got a new strain (I was told it was) that only produces little popcorn buds but the thc level is supposed over 30%. I’ve seen this plant at near harvest. It looks more like a common sticky burr weed than marijuana. Most saliva dominate strains will not give you the density of an indica dominate strain. I understand there are exceptions to this.


Yes none of my buds I’d dense dense might ne genectucs pr time thats sere were at atm… pr just grow photos for hard nugs?


Sorry man. I don’t understand text language. I’m old. I do know what I’m doing though. Ya don’t spend a lot of money on setup and lights and not expect to grow badass



Main Grow room

1000watt mh/hps
Second grow room light 1200watt cob
Carbon filter with vent out fresh air in
Few clip fans across tops of canopy
Avr. Temp 70-83degrees
Room humidity average 40-45%
Advance nutes connisoarse set.
No co2?
Get great yeild not dense enough for me, so as I said last message I sent n response about equipment what else do I need?
N also other than equipment were at are we equiptment, time of flower, genetics?

Anyone else


How far are your lights?


You got nice equipment and nutes are fine too if your not starving them.
Then LST them to get many tops even and you dont get fluffy larf buds. When they just go its own course then yeah one big Cola had denseness but all other…
@Zsitchin i get all of my 3 NLauto very dense nugs. 500w and 6 plants. Autos. First indoor grow. Dense than others in mixpack, blueberry/amnesia…


The other factor that hasn’t been touched on is technique. If the plant is not harvested at the right point it will produce airy buds. That can be the toughest lesson for a grower to learn.

I’ve gotten huge dense tight colas on WW, SD, GSC-X, JH, GL, Crystal etc and it’s pretty much dependent on (after everything else done properly) time.

ILGM Sour Diesel. It took 2 hands to encircle that cola (and I can palm a basketball). Some of them were almost 2 feet long. Indoors, Promix under LED’s.


Cool that’s great you got dense tight buds I too grew some WW auto on my 2nd grow awhile back. Two of them reached 7’ with 20+ 16” colas a piece , grown indoors under CFLs augmented by 4 3500K 14000 lux LED flood lights. I got about 12-14ozs from each of them they weren’t tight buds like yours though. Woulda got more weight if they had been. I think my results were strain related because, I grew another WWa same room same soil from different breeder same soil shorter plant faster to completion and much denser buds and less yield (4.6 ozs As others have said if everything else is covered it’s either breeder/genetics or strain. Not all strains are bred with the originak. genetics. Some breeders/seed banks combine similar strains of the original etc but aren’t the original genetics , just their version of Whitewidow , green crack , northern lights, but aren’t the original genetics. I like trying different breeders and in so doing , I’ve found I get diff results. sometimes extremely diff results lol. Green grass and high tides :+1:t4:


I just finished up with 4 plants. All four were feminized GreenCrack. I grew two in a 30”X48”X8’H. Same amount of light same water same nutes. I even mimicked the trimming on all four where possible. Two were given daily shots of CO2 with lights on and fans running. I placed 4 CO2 bottles under each plant and slow released the gas on two plants each day for 6wks. I noticed NO difference in growth , growth patterns or bud density and all 4 yielded about the same. Marijuana is C3 plant and can complete photosynthesis using CO2 during daylight. That’s why Autoflwrs need at least 16-18 hrs of light from seed to harvest to reach their potential. Try another breeder or wait longer before harvest. It’s the last couple weeks that really count.


Either , your harvesting way too early or it’s just janetics… or quite possibly it’s do to how you dry and cure and harvest all together… :wink:
Also I have found that if you use drying racks versus just hanging branches while drying make a huge difference to how tight the buds are… and I just think that’s from them laying ontop of each other… :wink:
Fyi… when using a drying rack make sure your turning your buds and shaking constantly… :wink:
At least 2 or 3 times throughout the day… 45% to 55% humidity I think is optimal… :wink: