How to get dense buds?


Question from a fellow grower?

I have a question you can possibly help me with my humidity is right n temp is good oh lvls good how do I get my buds more dense n hard? Or is the bud morefluffy on autos then photoperiod or how do I get them harder buds i. Getting 6-8oz indoor per 4-5oz plant but fluffy buddy any incite on this? N is a co2 system help with autos?


Get a better light.:sun_with_face:


1000wat mh/ hps light
Also use a 1500triple chip full sec led light for 3 berry autos …other then those light what else to get dense buds on autos instead if fluffy bud


Or is it my co2 supply us grow 6 10 plants for a 6x6 room inside would co2 make big differance?


Make sure your not harvesting to early the last 2 weeks is when they really swell up and feed good bloom nutrients other than that each strain is different hope this helps


No co2 not help u there imo.
Yeah light is good, than bloom nutes and bud boosters/stimulants, add more.but mostly time…
120 days get best of ILGM autos. For fastest amber and denseness.
How far for sprouting?


Advanced nutrients I used connisoarse set all of em.basicly I get nice buds n big yeilds just mostly fluffy m there well ripe 70-90 %orange hairs with all cloudy tric few amber after dried they are fluffier buds ne other ideas?


Like beginner2 said more light and like Sparky66 said. Some strains however will not produce a tight bud regardless what a person does but the smoke will be awesome. If you want to satisfy curiosity, you can try vinegar and baking soda for a quick dose of CO2 if you want to see if it helps. Ya know just for curiosity sake if nothing else.


90 days with northern lights autos got me 1.2 pounds off 4 bud still not as dense as I’d like n starting 12 more trying to figure this out before bloom advance nutreints got all bloom boosters n everything in the set I use all I don’t got is a c02 system or am I missing something 1000watt hps light 70 83 degrees with 40% humidity carbon filter exhaust with few clip fans on top blow in acrossed… n use hydro n soil same results… ne. Help?


Bud is great… all the strains but all fluffy for me amnesia blueberry northern ak47s. Get 4-7 oz per inside good bud just fluffy


Sounds like you got man ! Could be strain. I have some N.L. On tap and the young buds do look whispy up in life about 2 wks from harvest. CO2 is overrated in my humblest of opinions as far as a bud booster. Some swear by it others stay away from it because it’s a waste in their opinion. Best herb ever grown has been grown outdoors and it’s pretty difficult to co2 a plant in the open air. I’m no journeyman at this but in my humble opinion your wasting money on a co2 system. Ventilation can play into this. Heat above 84-85 will stress them etc but imho the money on co2 can be better spent. Make sure you have at least a 15 degree drop for lights out 20-25 degree drop is better. Ventilation temps , temp variations etc All that plays into it before co2


There IS a problem with growing large tight colas…MOLD.

Once big buds appear, good idea to put a fan on to circulate air. Pull apart colas to constantly check for mold. Light mold can be treated with Hydrogen Peroxide spray.


It sounds like you have the right amount of light. Loose airy buds are either genetics or harvesting a bit too early. My last grow had rock hard on everything but the Crystal. They were all very mature too.

Without knowing more about your setup and ambient conditions it’s hard to know without just throwing out guesses. Pictures would be good in natural light too.


I have a nice denseness with Crystal :yum: not so witdh but long colas.
I have very dense buds with all ILGM autos. And i had less light you have.
Dunno what problem U have. Mostly imo time. You cant expect autos to be ready when they are. I first think that too… 90 days is not enough. Different phenos. Autos are not faster if you want cashcrop. Cashcrop is sog and photos.
Autos are not so forgovin than photos.
Have you some pic.? Maybe we can find problem afterall. :grin::champagne::sunrise_over_mountains:


Your yield is nice btw . Have you got some training too or main bud is the highest?


Grow room
70 83 degrees
Th about 40 45% average
Carbon filter out fresh air vent in n few fans
Grew in soil and hydro still not as dense as I’d like… I got all seedlings now guys sorry trying to fix before. Ext harvest
Blueberry northern 90days 4 veg 8 to 9 flower
Amnesia 115days both airy went by trichs n hairs harvested about u0 to 80% orange hairs with cloudy trichs ne longer all been getting amber? And it seems top biggest colas are lol awnser but not much I’m used to rock hard bud or am I just spoiled with what I buy…
4x northern lights 1.2 poounds1x blueberry 3.3
1x amnesia has 7.6 oz
just fluffier then id like with No idea how to get em denser


All my plant bloom n look amazing use advance nutes connisoarse kit expensive but I love these nutes… just when there dried n cure the bud are fluffier than I’d like I like rock hard bugs but maybe is just genetics of these autos? So far all same results 4 strains of ilgm autos
All not dense enough for me the northern was hardest but still fluffy…


Northern lights usually doesn’t produce dense buds even when grown right. I grow 2 WW autos or Northern Lights every 12 weeks or so while growing other Photo strains for pain meds. I’ve not had dense buds with either compared to photos and I have some of the best LEDs on the market at the moment. It sounds to me like you really know what you’re doing.

I would grow Critical Mass photos if I were you. I am.


This was the advice given to me by @Countryboyjvd1971

Denisty will be determined bu several factors
Lights, heat and humidity be the biggest

Try to keep tent in mid 70s

This was given to me by garrigan65 a while back its a general guide of best humidity ranges while in flower

Seedlings humidity level

Growth Week 1: 60%

Growth Week 2: 60%

Flowering Week 1: 55%

Flowering Week 2: 50%

Flowering Week 3: 50%

Flowering Week 4: 50%

Flowering Week 5: 50%

Flowering Week 6: 45%

Flowering Week 7: 45%

Flowering Week 8: 40%

Flowering Week 9: 40



My humidity is a good solid 40 average all the time n I add a bucket of water during veg the light evaporates it n rooms about 50to 70 humidity n then take it out during budding it goes to a out r5 40% heat normal does t go over 80 u0 to 83 f maybe my problems time… that’s all weave figured out… if I let them go much longer autos a pointless may as well grow photos again but trichs n hairs are ready in 90 days on most n 115days on amnesia haze both ripe just not hard bugs more fluffy