How to get dense buds not airy fluffy

Hey all, so Im usually in 75 to 84 tops for temp an humidity is between 35-51… 6 inch exhaust plus fan up farmer sf2000 … So I have had some buds kinda dense bud mainly its fluffy n when drying you see how Mich weight gets lost…LOTS!!!

Gorilla glue autoflower

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Are they the same plant

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That high of a temp with that low of relative humidity will suck the moisture out of your buds quickly. You want the temp to be close to 60, and same with the rh. I would imagine your buds are drying in 3-4 days which can cause the airy, fluffy buds. You want the dry to take closer to a week to 10 days. Hope this helps. Good luck and happy growing!


Sorry to tell u .not many growers on here end up with dense auto flower buds. I’ve grown out multiple with always the same outcome. Some will swear upon autos being great. I’m not knocking them at all but I’ve never experienced a dense bud from an auto I’ve had ok feeling GDP auto buds but that was it everything else in auto form comes out like u explain. Best I can say is get some photo seeds and shoot a grow and see what u get from that. Way different from an auto u can make a phot as big as u want to make it also before u flip to flower. Lights are another big big issue with larfy buds age. Ur light is not a bad one to flower one plant in a 2x2 area maybe 3x3 at most I’m still gonna lean toward the larfy being it is an auto heat plays a huge roll tho too thru the grow if too hott will cause airy buds also so try and get a set temp while lights on and maintain that area try not to hit over 82ish if u can to save them some


Looks to me to have been harvested too early from your pics.
The breeders times generally don’t include any veg time. And some outright lie about it.
If it says a 10 week flower time and you harvested at 10 weeks then that would only be 6 weeks at most in flower. Not the time needed for full bud development.
Gotta factor in some veg time too.


Usually 75-80 % less than your harvest wet weight.


Lol @Nicky might have something to say about that lol

I’m with you my auto came out fluffy too and I have a good light

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He always does but to my experience and I’m sure I haven’t messed up everyone maybe some or whatever issues here or there but like 15 plus autos and only the 2 GDP were ok dense I’ll always beg to differ until I’m proven wrong with my own grows I can pop out a photos fem or reg and get rocks never get or got that with an auto yet so that just my theory I did say I wasn’t knocking them just to my experience so far


Amen brother
I’m a believer
Got a photo going nor so ima see if there’s I difference for me or if I’m just a shitty farmer lol


@Mr_Wormwood I have 2 gold keafs going an am hoping she differs … One is mainlines to 4 an the other I’m jus letting her do her thing with a lil L.S.T … I wanna try photos more regularly I jua have so many auto seeds still

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I can understand
I bought one auto and a dear friend sent me a couple of autos no I said never again but I was wrong

How long should I let my female veg for

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Lots of variables to consider. Are you doing any training or topping. If not keep in mind that when you flip lights they may double in height. If you can put some pics up and some info, how long have they been vegging. Welcome to ILGM forum :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I beg to differ on this one. I’ve just finished a G13 auto. Not the highest yield, I think a scrog would have better results. But this is a bud that is dry and now in the jar.


I grew some blueberry autos a while back. And before I upgraded my lights.

Some logs from a Jack Herer auto - the last auto I grew

This isn’t an auto. I just like the frosty nug

Solid as solid can be


What were your temps at ???

The last two are of purple haze photos. Indoor summer so a little warmer. Lights on could reach 82-
83,but usually upper 70’s. Lights off 70’s


I’ve pulled anywhere from 1-10oz of dense buds off autos but it doesn’t matter how dense autos are mids at best and commonly Reggie. Do photos

Yea I’ve had some decent smoke from autos but I am getting the colorful weed mix pack photo periods… Right now I’m able to keep ky tents in 70-77 at night n day is 77 sometimes 80-82 but that’s thank to winter summertime n I’m lucky to stay at 84 so IMA try the Persian mix pack come spring n summer… Right now I have 2 gold leafs that r 6 weeks in n gold flip in few days one plant is mainlined 4 cola an other plant she jus growing same way my first gold leaf grew like exactly same structure bizarre

@beardless @SilvaBack203 @Bluntsmoke @dbrn32 so y’all I notice some of my fan leaves had what look like cal mag def but instead of yellow n Copper its like blackish gray

I don’t think you c c it that well gotta take Bette pic

Can’t see anything in the pictures