How to get colder temps

So I put my seeds to germinate today!! I have put my tent indoors and it’s still hitting 88 degrees :((( how could I get it to reach lower temps the light just has to much power.

You can run another duct from the bottom to get cooler air into the tent. I have mine covering an AC duct when it gets really hot.

Damnit , so it’s best to just get another fan and duct more from the bottom ? It’s starting to reach the 95 now. It’s got me frustrated I’ve never gotten my temperatures to 78-80


I’m getting 2 different numbers

May I refer you to the dumb tent question thread :joy:. Mine all sealed up and sitting at 26.8 c steady right now. Lowest it’s ever been by a long shot. Having similar issues in Florida. I shoved the intake ducting into my ceiling in the hole the AC comes out of. To be fair, the fan says on the side not to do this. So will report if it blows up

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Is that a CMH 315? Never liked those lights for tents because of the lack of air cooled hoods. Great spectrum but lousy designs for cooling in a tent, best for open air growing.

Is that exhaust going somewhere or just blowing the hot air right outside the tent?

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@Hellraiser yes it is :frowning: is it better to get a whole new light lmfso :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: Damnit and the ducting is leading out to my room

What is a good light for the full cycle I just bought this light cause the hydroponic guys told me to …

Lol scroll down in the forum lobby and take a breath.

That’s not a good way to get help from anyone around here I wouldn’t imagine. Have a nice day. Now I can learn how you block someone on this site

@Eagles009 well if you didn’t come here with stupid statements at first I will gladly be blocked from someone who doesn’t know a thing have a good day

I was referring to a thread I made thirty minutes ago that you might find informative. Titled dumb tent question :smiley:

Yes, it’s an excellent choice from seed to harvest.

@Growstarter98 I would keep it a passive inlet, and increase airflow from exhausting out, or put the inlet near cool air.

Let’s remember to keep it civil please. This is a grow site, not a troll site. I would like to keep it that way all. Thanks!


@Covertgrower I didn’t see he had an actual forum he could have came correctly .

LED lights run the coolest, if that is a 4x4 tent, a lot of growers here are thrilled with a pair of HLG 260W XL’s.

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It’s 4 ft wide 5 ft tall tent 2 wide

Then just one HLG 260W XL would be perfect and a lot cooler.

Okay no problem gonna have to buy one ASAP before these seeds pop! Thank you


@Hellraiser what do you think is the production on that light ? 260 watts isn’t much.


Does this light look any good?