How to force flowering?

The reflective tarps are not breathable. But you just need to use that to block the sun out, you can use the cotton on other sides for air flow. Get creative.

Think of an upside down refrigerator cardboard box. You would want to cut holes out of the bottom and maybe some up top for air flow. But if you put the tarp 2’ above the box, it would never restrict air flow, just block the light from the box.

Thanks, I think I got it figured out. I’ll use my lawn chair tarp covering to put over the top, no sunlight can get through that and use the black duck cloth which I’ll double and sew together and wrap around the botton, might even sew some black weed cloth material you use to stop weeds from growing up in my garden. That’s all breathable. Thanks to all who have helped this old granny!

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Sounds like a great plan to me, good job finding a solution! I hope everything works out for you! Keep us updated.

I’m half excited and half scared to post these pictures. While trying on my homemade nite blanket, I discovered some small hair like thingies on some of the plants, could this possibly the start of a flower?

I got so excited, went out and took a better picture.

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Those are pistils! She’s a girl! Congrats!

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Now I’m super excited! I didn’t think it was going to flower this year…Yippee Skippy!

One last question please, since these are starting to flower, no need for the 12 hour sun lamp on them and 12 hour black out or should I do it anyway?

Are you plants inside? I thought you were trying to block sun to start flowering. If it’s outside and starting flower, as in the picture, forget the cover and let it do it’s thing. If your inside using a light, stick to at least 12 hr dark period.

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No I agree with @Blountville if your plant is flowering now and it’s been outside, that means she’s naturally doing it with the sunlight. Just let Mother Nature finish her out for you :raised_hands::v:

Yes, plants are outside. They are in a spot where neighbors can’t see them but not getting much sun. That’s why they were not flowering. But Yipee, just now starting. I’ll just let the sun do it’s thing plus the sun is slowly moving to the south again and it’s getting more sun each day. Thank you so much Blountville & ktreez for your help. Do you have suggestions for what kinds of seeds I should buy for next year, like self flowering? I plan on putting my seeds out in an open dry swampy area away from our home that’s very isolated but gets all day sun. I purchased seeds for my migraine headaches and restless legs this first year of growing, Northern Lights Feminized.


I’m new to auto flower plants, but they sound ideal for your short grow season. You could get several harvests next year using autoflowers, as opposed to stressing about your plants getting hit by an early frost.

You should take some time and read along here and learn all you can. Consider starting an inside grow room. You can use a spare room, closet, garage, basement, you can even grow in a cabinet if you do the homework. I just started growing inside, and it is much less stress than outside. There are costs to get everything you need, and set up your area before starting, but less than cost of being caught with plants in the yard, or buying overpriced smoke from dealers.

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