How to fix soil with too many nutrients and prevent nutrient burn

I made my own super soil but I just added the wrong quantities of nutrients.

How far along? Organic or synthetic admendments?

How far over on the nutrient quantities? I’d just add more soil to account for the overage.

Hi, thank you for your help. First grow in tent with organic super soil I mixed myself. All additives are high quality organic from a recipe I followed, and my base soil is worm castings perlite and coco coir. I made it about two months ago and have kept it most, but some did dry out and I just re watered it. I just added a little bit more of the nutrients, but I did not measure it out exactly. I have 40 gallons. I want to grow gelato strain.

I also want to grow auto flowering plants.

If it just a little extra you should be fine. My last grow I added more nutrient to my super soil mix. It didn’t affect my plants in a negative way.