How to fix light saturation

A question from a fellow grower:

Someone told me its light saturation, If it light saturation how do I fix it. With led 8 to 12 inches

It is hard to say, the picture isn’t clear enough, but this could be light bleaching from light that is too intense. The proper terminology is photoinhibition. However, this bud does not seem to be the highest, or maybe not the closest to the light, but it could depend on the type of light you are using and the light’s lensing, if this bud is the only bud directly below a certain high intensity LED, then this could indeed be causing photoinhibition on the plant tissue directly below and close enough to the light and cause bleaching.

Much like heat or nutrient burn, the damaged tissue will not necessarily repair, it could be damaged beyond repair.

The only way to fix the problem of photoinhibition is to make the light less intense, i.e. raise the light higher away from the top of the plants.

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In flower with strong led diodes , I normally set my light at 18-26 inches , even 36 inches if needed , depending on the canopy of the plant .