How to find my checkout to buy seeds


Hi. I recently added white widow auto seeds to my checkout. There was a promotion to add gold leaf for 50% discount so i did. Now i go to my checkout to pay for my order but its empty. How do i find this checkout with my bonus order.
Bought 3 times before and havent had a problem. Hope i can still get my original order.


Go right back to seeds and order the seeds again as you “continue to checkout” it will show your final order and if there are more seeds listed. Just change the amount number.


You can also check your history. And pick up where you left off



@garrigan62 thanks. Maybee i was using a different email. Would that be possible.
So keen to get more seeds but dont want to miss my chance at the special on gold leaf.
Ill have a little fiddle around on the computer and if i cant sort it ill just start new order.


I just had to do this myself, I don’t know how to access history


Ive just sent an email to the ilgm office. I couldnt find it. It may have expired. Anyways if i need to start a new order than thats ok also. Might just mean i miss out on the goldy.


Just explain to the front office what hppenf…you mite be surprised



Thanks mate. Ive emailed them but i spose its late friday there already. Ill wade it out till monday. I still cant decide if i want the white widow autos or the white widow fems. I keep changing my mind.


I contacted the office a year ago about cancelling an order…the reply was they don’t need to cancel, you just don’t pay…

Put in another , more complete order.


Hiya, like @kabongster said, you can ignore your earlier order and just enter a new one :smiley:


Get the Fems. you be very happy, easy to grow. Huge growth!


Yer but then i miss the chance to get the gold leaf at the special deal i ordered from. Anyways looks like i will do a new order with the widows and may find a special again next time.
Thanks for everyones help. i cant say i didnt try. My orders there some where. Im just so computer dumb i dont know how to find it. Ha. Being stoned dont help much either.
Dont drink drive. Smoke weed and fly.
Laterz my grow friends.
Post can be deleted im just not worrying bout it and start again. Takes 6 weeks for me to get them here in australia so i need to order or ill miss the sun. Going bush for this run.


Like I said @number1fan,

It’s on your history, All you have to do is look. go to your help and type in history.
Ask someone who know how.
Otherwise just forget about it. Cause I can’t help you any further.
Good luck



I bought seeds months back…and the site threw a 50% discount offer for Gold Leaf to me (and I bought), maybe while I was checking out.

Please, revisit the site, start placing your order, you may get the offer again so you wouldn’t miss out on a great deal…or we know @ILGM_Support is reading, they could clarify?


Thanks @kabongster. I tryed to do a new order and see if it would do the offer but no good. Thats the deal i thought id ordered. Same as yours.
Thanks everyone. Even though i lost my original order im still a winner. 5 ww + 5 free. Cant beat that. So im a happy customer anyways.
Couldnt sort out the history part mate.


Ya I hear ya, I’ll be more than happy to help you with that history thing.
When ever your ready. Just let me know and I’ll have you in there in no time.

Until then
B Safe


Can i do it from my phone @garrigan62. My laptop isnt working well. Wont load the ilgm page properly. I usually use my samsung smart phone. id love to find the history mate.


Mate im all good. Decided to just do it again and after i accepted my purchase i got the option for the gold leaf.
Yeah ive got 5 goldys coming. And 10 ww autos. @FyshhTrap i was gunna get the fems but seeing i got gold leaf fems i decided to get autos also.


Im on top of the world now.



That’s great news. I’m happy for brother