How to feed nutrients to a plant that's grow outdoor

I have a question fellow growers how do I feed my girls I’m growing out I water and add nutes or do I just add nutes to the soil until it runs out of the bottom I hope that makes sense

Mix the nutes with your water about half of what the directions say then water hope this helps

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I prefer to feed with water also, but it seems that nutes and bright sunlight may cause burning. So now I either water very early in the AM or with a spouted watering can to avoid getting the leaves wet.

Mixing nutes with water first will keep the dirt wet and help keep from feeding too much.

If mixing your nutes, be sure to add them to the water not to each other. Some formulas will chelate if mixed together first and you will lose nutrient value as it locks up into tiny stones and falls to the bottom of your mix.

Huh, yessa, nice thought.

I never water through the leaves ever nature does that herself

When I was growiing outside I would feed my girls about an hour or two before sunrise. This way there water and nutrients got to get down to the roots before the sun came up.
And when the sun did hit them those ladies where ready…believe you me they grew like crazy…lol



Are you growing in a pot or the ground?

Inside using 5 gal pots changing to the cloth pots for my clones for better air flow to the roots


Sorry I was asking Deebay0426 thought he said he had an outdoor grow going.

Before sun up? Damn I’m to lazy for that. Lol in the mid summer here I was 2 times sometimes. It gets really hot here, been 116 here before, last year it was 110f, water in morning a gal or more then about 6pm when I start getting so shade more if it was windy to. Does not get dark till 830 or so. I grow in raised beds with fox ocean and a little potting mix. That fox farms is great stuff, but 15.00 a bag. 15 bags was not enough that’s why the potting mix. My dirt here sux it’s really alkaline, had to dig a lot of it out.



No.stop reading corrections and.thanks using half of the recommended amount. Keep your ppm low230ppm, and phone should be 6.0.water Anbar feed one’s a week. Don’t over water and use fish and guano for out doors. Good luck.

No problem, but I did give a good answer. …lol

B Safe


Thanks to all who responded your guys information is awesome thanks for all your pointers

Are you growing out of pots or directly in the ground?

I’m growing out of pots

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Hey, that makes sense. Nice price of info. I’m going to hang on to that one.