How to feed bud candy

Just bought big bud for my 3 week old plant im gonna be using a 1gallon to mix it with how much should i be adding? And Im pretty sure im able to mix it with my sensi bloom A&B correct ? how much of that should i add to the 1 gallon, Would appreciate some help

Usually if if go to company’s website site theyll have a feeding schedule listed somewhere. I usually start there.

Don’t start until flowering, 1 tsp


Why would you be using bloom nutes or big bud on a 3 week old plant?

confusion, its already in flower forgot to add that in there haha


Their nutrient calculator says 8 ml per gallon for both big bud and bud candy and yes just mix with your bloom a&b. I’d probably go 4-6 ml on the big bud, I never do full dosage on the strong ferts, bud candy can do full dose though.

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Here is the full nutrient and supplement feeding schedule for soil(I’m just assuming you’re growing in soil). Note: You do not need to use all of these supplements, but they are all here in the chart should you wish to try any down the road.

Note: The timing of mixing your nutrients is important. It should go like this:
Add [grow or bloom] part A. Mix and wait 5 minutes.
Add [grow or bloom] part B. Mix and wait 5 minutes.
After this, you can add all of your supplements at once and mix them up, or add them one at a time with just a couple of minutes in between each.


im on week 4 so i should be using 15mL per gallon ? that seems like alot ? i been feeding only 5 on a 2 liter bottle

In theory, yes. Remember these are general guidelines and some plants will vary in their needs, but for the most part those numbers work really well. You don’t need to strictly follow them, though.
5mL/2L is the equivalent of 9.5mL/gal, so you should be able to go right to 15mL/gal. If you’re concerned, then just go to 11mL/gal, then ramp up to 15mL/gal the following week.

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got you i feed my plant every week is that fine ? im feeding it Big bud, Sensi bloom A@B

Are you saying you only water it once a week? If so, that’s probably not fine.
Or… are you saying you water it multiple times a week, but only give it nutrients once a week? If so, that may be okay, but keep an eye out for deficiencies.

i water every 2-3 days when its dry and nutrients every week

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