How to estimate 2 wk before harvest

I am trying to figure out how to figure out approx. 2 weeks before harvest so I can flush plant so she will use any left over nutes. I don’t know how fast trichones mature. First time outside grow in soil in 5gal pail crystal photo plant

@dbld55 bld, keep an eye on the tric colors. Never go by the trics on sugar leaves, those turn first.
Depending on the high you want, you can harvest when all bud trics are cloudy, amber or when most everyone else harvests, when the cloudy/amber mix is 50%.

When I zoom into your pic, I see a lot of clear still. Way too early to harvest. I’d say another 3 or 4 weeks, I’m in the same boat.

Do you have a loupe?

She is looking beautiful. You can also look at the pistols. When you see them start turning mostly brown/red that always lets me know to start paying closer attention to the trichomes. I like mostly cloudy with just a hint of amber. Maybe that’s because I’m a little impatient.


Yes I do have a loupe and I expect 4 weeks + or - just not sure when to flush the nutrients out so I have a better taste. I want to stay more on the cloudy side not a lot of amber but don’t know how fast they change color

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Once the pistils turn brown you can start flushing, that usually means you’ve got about two weeks left. Of course, you still have to look at the trichs as well.


Thank you guys for the advise I am anxiously waiting for harvest but I know patience will pay good rewards

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I know what you are asking, and it’s a guess at best.

Flushing early wouldn’t do much harm, but things like splitting the stem could if done too early.

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