How To Easily Air Condition My Grow Tent?

I have a 2’x4’ tent in a walk-in closet. I would like to purchase some kind of ac system that I can just sit beside the tent and run a duct hose from the output of the ac into one of the vent holes of the tent and let my carbon air scrubber and exhaust fan send the exhausted air out into the bedroom. I do not want to have to vent the ac unit itself. Is this feasible? If so, any recommendations as to a good ac unit to buy? Maybe one that the output is designed to accommodate a duct hose?

Pretty much all ac units will need to be vented.


How can I go about venting a portable ac in a closet?

Portable ones come with a hose that goes out a window to get rid of the heat then you would need to vent it to the closet. What temps are you having.

The temp in the tent is only about 85-87F, but since the ambient air temp in the house is 71 what would be the harm in letting the portable ac just exhaust into the closet and keeping good air flow in and out of the closet with a nice, large fan? It seems that small amount of heat would be easily dissipated in the bedroom.

I run 85 with no issues in a closet grow. I did run my vent out the closet wall back in to the room. It draws the fresh air around and under the door. If you get the air out it will suck in fresh cooler air. You can run a cool mist humidifier during the hottest times to bring down temps a little.

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Thank you Painfree. Some healthy looking plants you have there!

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If your ambient temp outside the tent is 71*, I’d just run an intake fan and blow in 71* air.


Exhaust out the top, open a flap on the opposite bottom side, if u haven’t already, where does you exhaust go to now?

The exhaust from the scrubber goes straight out the closet door into the bedroom.

Now that I think about it, this is probably all I need. I will get another exhaust fan just like the 6" fan attached to my air scrubber, turn it around and duct it into a bottom vent on my tent. Thanks. I don’t know why I did not think of that. :crazy_face:


U really shouldn’t need another fan , exhaust will pull fresh air in by itself, not sure if you are worried about light ,if so buy some insulated flex and run it out with a few bends(for intake). I only run one 6 inch exhaust and it pulls great freash air


What kind of fan do you have? A can fan or inline. what’s the cfm on it

Just make sure your intake has a good distance from the end of the exhaust , so your not pulling in the hot air your trying to get rid of

I have this fan. Using it in a 2x4 tent.